Logo Designer Interview mit Harry – OSGraphic

Heute stellen wir einen weiteren unserer Logo Designer vor: Harry Kusumo alias osgraphic.Wie immer wurde das Interview auf English von Massimo Perini geführt !

Das Interview mit unserem Logo Designer:

You can find his portfolio at Logo Arena here: http://www.logoarena.com/logo-designers/osgraphic

Logo Designer Harry Kusumo

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I was born on November 6th 1976 in Surabaya, Indonesia. I like to draw since I was 5 year old as I can remember, I think I got it from my mom.
I graduate from Petra University, majoring in Graphic Design on 2000. I started to work as graphic designer since I was in university in a corrugated box printing company. Worked there for 5 months I felt that I want more challengin design project, so I joined with one of the biggest coffee producer company in Indonesia as an Art Designer for 2 years. After happy years, I was head-hunted by British company based in Indonesia as Graphic Design Manager of healthy lifestyle magazine. I joined them for 2 years before finally decided to resign and start my own graphic design and printing agency, Outstanding Graphic in 2004. 7 years was enough for me to deal with clients’ companies and their marketing programs, it was so fun to work with them and digging up some ideas together. On 2011 I decided to work as Logo Design Specialist and start a new website, www.mologo.net, of course I got most of the projects from Logo Arena. And here I am now, as one of Logo Arena community.

Why have you chosen to specialize in logo design?

Logo is a challenge for me, and through time, it becomes my passion and obsession.
To think the simplest ideas into communicative design, to fill those simple designs
with contents and put it in a context, and beyond that, to make impact for a business,
isn’t that a bit of a challenge. It is really a satisfaction for me for each and every job well done.
And more than just that, it is amazing and brings me great satisfaction to know that our
logo is being used at some places and countries that I’ve never seen before.

What do you think are the most important characteristics for a successful logo?

A successful logo is the one that can represent your business in a certain way to influence people, whether the people who is working for the company (workers) and/or the people who is outside the company (customers or prospects).
The logo itself has to be attractive to begin with. It should be able to attract curiousity out of the viewers.
Then after it get the attention, the logo has to be able to “speak loud without words”.
It should get the viewers to feel something towards the design.
That is the whole point of “design communication”.

Can you explain what is your typical process when designing a logo for a client?

I believe all designers using the same process. The hard part is to understand who is my client, where he comes from, what is his target market, the demographic, and so on. Then we have to understand what he wants.
After that, everything is practically a ritual, at least for me. That is to kick my brain to start digging ideas, drafting, sketching, and so on, mostly pencil and paper kinda thing. Bouncing ideas with some friends and my dog for critiques.
He is a sharp critiques, I mean my dog (lol).
Soon, I will get a firmer grasp on my ideas and start doing my first digital draft and start improvising, making several versions, pushing ideas to be out of the box, to make it unique with my personal characteristics.

Do you have any advice for a beginner?

For a beginner, take it easy. Don’t be stressed out. An artist cannot get creative if pressures got into his head.
We’re all know that, but from time to time, we are letting things get into our head and ruin our creativity process.
Be very aware of that situation.

Be original. I know some people in this field is living out of stolen ideas. Many other so-called “logo designers” will copy your winning ideas, don’t get disheartened. That’s the challenge. It happens to me all the time, luckily I have a good friend who’s kicking my butt back to drawing table.
Use your originality as your selling point!

Be creative!
Don’t limit yourself with conventional ideas. Make your design leaving marks in your viewers.
This would make your design to be different from other. Creative design will make the people smile or even have a wider laugh :D

Be unique!
Unique logo would be memorable design and attract people.

And the last thing, surround yourself with positive people. You’ll need it.
I myself won’t be able to succeed without endless support and critiques and fresh
perspective and ideas from my best friend… and dog.

Bald stellen wir Ihnen weitere Logo Designer vor … stay tuned!

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